Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tag: BBS

“MuffinTerm”: Finally A Mobile Terminal App That Supports PETSCII

Finally! Someone has done it! Someone has finally added PETSCII support to the mobile terminal program experience. Finally, I can call a Commodore BBS...

Oasis BBS Discord Server

I've launched a Discord server to give us a live place to discuss all things Commodore 64. Whether that's BBSing, gaming, hardware, etc. The...
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello and Happy Halloween. I just wanted to thank everyone for stopping by and wish you a happy holiday and a good time tonight...

Happy Labor Day 2022

Hello! I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day Weekend. Just a few more hours and summer will be officially over for most...
CMD HD-40 Hard Drive

The CMD Hard Drive And COLOR 64 BBS

The CMD hard drive and COLOR 64 are a winning Combo! Your system will run smoothly and efficiently if you take the time to...
Kernal of Truth

A Kernal Of Truth

What, besides the obvious, do TimeWorks, RUN Magazine, Commodore Business Machines, Midnight Gazette, a multi-million-dollar leasing company, and hundreds of BBS SYSOPs worldwide have...

Explore Classic 1988 BBS’n With Floppy Deep Dive

In this episode Floppy Deep Dive boots up his Commodore 64 BBS from 1988, The Temple of Syrinx, and gives everyone a glimpse into...

RetroBits – Browsing The Internet On A Commodore 64 with The Old Net BBS

In this edition of RetroBits they demonstrate using CCGMS to connect to the C64 BBS "The Old Net". From their the demonstrate a sort...