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Kernal of Truth

A Kernal Of Truth

What, besides the obvious, do TimeWorks, RUN Magazine, Commodore Business Machines, Midnight Gazette, a multi-million-dollar leasing company, and hundreds of BBS SYSOPs world-wide have...

Explore Classic 1988 BBS’n With Floppy Deep Dive

In this episode Floppy Deep Dive boots up his Commodore 64 BBS from 1988, The Temple of Syrinx, and gives everyone a glimpse into...

RetroBits – Browsing The Internet On A Commodore 64 with The Old Net BBS

In this edition of RetroBits they demonstrate using CCGMS to connect to the C64 BBS "The Old Net". From their the demonstrate a sort...
Afterlife BBS

Afterlife BBS Is Back!

I'm happy to hear that Alwyz returned to the scene and relaunched the Afterlife BBS. The connection link is still the same. Just telnet to: afterlife.dynu.com...
Randy Suess

Randy Suess, Inventor Of The Computer Bulletin Board aka BBS, Passes At 74

While not a household name like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs, Randy Suess holds an extremely important place in the world of personal computing....

Site Stuff

Hey everyone. I hope everyone has been enjoying the Thanksgiving Holiday (here in the USA) and that everyone around the world is doing good. November...
Technical Difficulties

UPDATE: BBS Techincal Difficulties

 The BBS is back online. BBS Server hardware has been replaced and we're back in action. Thanks again for your patience today while that...
Storm Bulletin

Hurricane Dorian

FYI everyone. If you try to get to the BBS on Friday/Saturday and can't it's due to the Hurricane coming through. Desert-Fox will leave...