Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Mr Lurch’s Things – Commodore 64 Rescue Part 2.1

In part 2.1 of this Commodore Rescue they spend their time repairing the case of this battered and bruised C64.

BBCCM – Creating A Removable C64 Reset Button

Youtube channel Bread Box Commodore Computer Museum's latest video demonstations the construction of a C64 Reset Button. Traditionally these buttons have been case modifications...

New Zealand’s Two Variants Of The Commodore 64

Youtube channel Bread Box Commodore Computer Museum breaks down the two different and very unique versions of the Commodore 64 that were produced for New...
Pixelwizard Cases

PixelWizard Taking Pre-Orders For New Cases

Pixelwizard Retro Shop has updated their site and reporting that new Commodore 64 cases are in production now and that shipping will start the...
Commodore 64 Four Player Adapter

Commodore 64 Four Player Adapter Now Available

Hardware developer has recently announced a new C64 Four Player Adapter for the Commodore 64. I've added their full description below (and corrected some...

‘Hey Birt!’ Case Saver Update

This edition of Hey Birt! is an update to the previous Case Saver episode from about a month ago. In this update new cases...

Adrian Black Shows Off His Multicolored Breadbin C64’s

In his latest video Adrian Black puts his numerous multicolored breadbins on display and goes over some painting suggestions.
Commodore Multimedia Breakout v2

Commodore Multimedia Breakout V2 for C64

Hardware developer has just announced their updated Commodore Multimedia Breakout extension Version 2. It supports all versions of the C64 and the Ultimate64...