Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Tag: C128D

Adrian Black – Fixing A Commodore 128D Keyboard

In this episode Adrian fixes a Commodore 128D Keyboard that was sent to him by one of his viewers. Per Adrian "The fix involved lots...

Nybbles and Bytes Commodore 128D – Episode 4: Sprite Animation

Nybbles and Bytes Episode 4 is now out and it picks up where Episode 3 left off with the Vic-II. The discussion this time...

Project SIDFX Has New Bundles In Stock

Project SIDFX has just announced they have a finished producing a new batch of SIDFX bundles and that their web store has been fully...

Nybbles and Bytes Commodore 128D – Episode 2: Meet the VIC-II

There's a new Commodore 64/128 blog out called Nybbles and Bytes. They've just launched their second episode and are covering the memory mapping, color RAM,...