Sunday, February 5, 2023

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MEGA65 DevKit

MEGA65 Announces Developer Support Program

MEGA65 has formally introduced its MEGA65 Developer Support Program. In order to help people with and without an official DevKit  who want to develop...

Nostalgia Nerd – Building The MEGA65 DevKit

In this episode of Nostalgia Nerd they have received a MEGA65 DevKit from and about assembling the device and then reviewing it. What's...

5 Unreleased Commodore Computers

Laird's Lair Youtube Channel has released a great video on 5 unreleased Commodore computers. The C65 (C64 DX) Commodore 116 The Amiga Ranger The...
MEGA64 DevKit Prototype

[UPDATED] MEGA65 Prototype DevKit Assembly

Over at the MEGA65 website they've just published some photos and a description of the prototype for the MEGA65 DevKit. As you can see...
Mega65 Disk Drive

MEGA65 Development Sprint

The MEGA65 team continues their development sprint with addtional features and articles on their site. Since the last update at week ago we've seen...

Working Commodore 65 Prototype Appears on eBay Germany

If you have 25K in Euro's just sitting around I've found just the bargain for you. Over at eBay Germany they have a ultra...