Sunday, February 5, 2023

Tag: Commodore SX-64

8-Bit Guy – Commodore SX-64 Repair

In this episode, David breaks out his newly acquired SX-64. It doesn't work at the beginning of the video however David is able to...
Ultimate II+ Colors

New Ultimate II+ Cartridges In Stock & New Colors

Gideon has just announced that new boards are in stock for the Ultimate II+ cartridge. If you've been waiting to order one now is...
Marina64 V1.0

Marina64 1MB Banked ROM Cartridge for C64

This is the Marina64, a new 1MB banked ROM cartridge for the Commodore 64,  Commodore 128 and SX-64. It's based on the Magic Desk cartridge...

Two Custom SX-64 Builds From Down Under

Modder John Chrisopoulos‎ from Australia has designed and built 2 unique SX-64 clones.  The first one he built is bread box tan and he refers...
SX-64 Internals

Tynemouth Software Fixes An SX-64

In the latest edition of their Blog Tynemouth Software troubleshoots and fixes a broke SX-64 Portable Computer. This is an excellent and thourough repair.