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Eye of the Beholder 64

Unofficial Eye of the Beholder For C64 Has Been Released!

It's happened! Finally, after more than a decade in development, the Unofficial Eye of the Beholder for the C64 has been released. That's right,...

Retrobits Preview Of ‘Eye of the Beholder’ For C64

Today the Retrobits Youtube channel has released an in-depth preview of the highly anticipated port of SSI's Eye of the Beholder for the C64...

Modern Sword of Fargoal Review

Youtube channel Cheeky Commodore Gamer has released an excellent video review of the classic C64 (and VIC-20) CRPG fantasy game Sword of Fargoal which...

Eye Of The Beholder C64 Beta Test

Andreas Larsson has debuted a beta test video of his Commodore 64 conversion of Eye of the Beholder. Check it out!
Demo's Isle Dungeon View

CRPG-Dev Continues Work On Demon’s Isle And The Citadel

CRPG-Dev has a new blog update regarding progress on his Ultima style throwback CRPG called Demon's Isle and 3D RPG, think The Bards Tale,...

10MARC Previews Hired Sword II For The Commodore 64

This week the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast has the pleasure of previewing the upcoming (04/03/2020) game Hired Sword II for the Commodore 64....
Demon's Isle C64 Sample

Demon’s Isle – A Commodore 64 CRPG

Demon's Isle developer recently released a short video demonstrationg his Ultima inspired CRPG for the Commodore 64.  He's currently writing the game using CC65...