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Bread Box – Turrican Hidden Easter Egg

Turrican is a 1990 video game designed and programmed by Manfred Trenz. It was produced for the Commodore 64 by Rainbow Arts, and was ported to other systems later. In this...

8-Bit Show & Tell Follows Up on 33 Year-Old C64 Game Saved From Vinyl

In this follow-up episode 8-Bit Show & Tell takes a look at another 80s record with a Commodore 64 program encoded within it's groove....

8-Bit Show And Tell Anti-Microsoft Easter Egg Hidden In C64 BASIC

A newsletter from 2015 has a BASIC listing that claims to reveal an easter egg that seeks revenge for Bill Gates' WAIT 6502,X easter...

8-Bit Show & Tell Recovers 35 Year-Old C64 Easter Egg On Vinyl

8-Bit Show & Tell demonstrates how to recover a Commodore 64 program hidden on a 1984 album by Christian rock band Prodigal. The program...