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RetroCengo – Installing A GOTEK In The Amiga 500

In this episode RetroCengo walks us all through the process of installing a GOTEK inside the body of an Amiga 500.

Jan Beta – Transferring Files Between The Amiga And Modern PCs

In his latest video Jan Beta shows us some ways to copy files between Commodore's  Amiga computers and modern PC using Windows and write...

Noels Retro Lab Sets Up External Gotek On Amiga 500

Here's how to setup a Commodore Amiga 500 Noel's favorite way, with a Gotek USB floppy-disk drive emulator. Setup is external while keeping the...

Retro Recollections Cheap External Amiga Floppy Drive Solution

In this episode Retro Recollections picks up a cheap gadget that allows him to have two external floppy drives on his Amiga 500, one...

Retro Recollections Amiga 500 Modern Displays & GOTEK

This episode of Retro Recollections covers using several mod devices with the Amiga 500. First item covered is using a modern LCD display via a...
Amiga 500 Recapping & Gotek Installation

Ovesen.net Performs Amiga 500 Recapping And Gotek Installation

In their latest episode Ovesen.net cleans and recaps an Amiga 500 computer and then installs a GOTEK floppy drive emulator with a floppy drive...