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LukHash – Synthwave/Outrun Song As 8bit Chiptune Played BY SID 8580

Original Track: Perpetual Motion Album: https://lukhash.bandcamp.com/album/better-than-reality Chiptune Version: Perpetual Motion 8580R5 2887 25 HK Album: https://lukhash.bandcamp.com/album/cyberchip Credits: Player: Retrodebugger by Slajerek Tracker: SID Wizard 1.8 Chip: SID 8580R5 2887 25 (Hong...

Short Demo Of LukHash Making Chiptunes in Sid-Wizard

LukHash has recorded a short video demonstrating the creation of a chiptune with the Sid-Wizard software.

LukHash Announces Label Signing And Releases New Single

Lukhash, the popular C64 synth composer and creator of the Lukhash Essentials Cartridge LukHash has two new accouncements. First he has signed with the...

LukHash – C64 REMIX of Last Ninja 2, Central Park In Game Theme (1988)

LukHash has a new C64 remix out from Last Ninja 2: Back with a Vengeance. The song is the 'Central Park in-game theme' composed...

LukHash Makes Music With A C64 Running The MSSIAH Sequencer

In this episode LukHash makes a full SID track with the 3 voices of 6581 SID chip on a Commodore 64 running MSSIAH Sequencer....

New C64 SID Synth Demo By LukHash

LukHash has released a "quick jam" with a Commodore 64 used as a synthesizer. Per Lukhash everything you can hear (except drums) comes from...