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Build Your Own Commodore 1581

If you weren't around back in 1987 to pick up a 1581 drive off the shelf then you probably know just how hard and...

Design For Manufacturing and PCB Construction With Bil Herd and Ben Jordan

In this episode of Bil Herd's vlog he’s joined by Ben Jordan as they discuss Design for Manufacturing and PCB construction.
1581 revision 252326 REPLICA

Replica 1581 PCB Available From DIY Chris

Brand new from DIY Chris, the Commodore 1581 Drive main board, revision 252326. This PCB is meticulously designed to match the original as closely...

Retro Recollections Installs A DF0 / DF1 Floppy Selector Switch

In his latest episode Retro Recollections installs a DF0 / DF1 Floppy Selector Switch on his Amiga 500 in order to use external floppy...
MEGA65 Pre-Series Builds

MEGA65 Pre-Series Assembly Continues

The C65 blog has posted a bunch of images showing 12 MEGA65 Pre-Series machines that have been completed. They report that the majority of...

How To Change The Drive Number Of The Internal MEGA65 Drives

Paul Gardner-Stephen reports that he's been asked a bunch in the past how to change the drive numbers on the internal 3.5" drive on...
MEGA65 Pre-Series Lot

More MEGA65 Pre-Series Machine Assembled

Paul Gardner-Stephen has released another update which makes three this month so far. In todays update he reports that assembly of the Pre-Series MEGA65's...
C65 Pre-Series Soldering

Things Are Heating Up With The MEGA65

The month of September is going to be a busy one for the MEGA65 team. They have started the month of Sept off with...