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Nu-Brick 64 v2

The New Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply

It's been several years since Kevin launched the original Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply and now he's back with an updated version. The first thing you...

Jan Beta – Building A Proper Amiga Power Supply

In this episode Jan Beta is (re)building a better power supply from the remains of his original A500 PSU that he had previously destroyed.

Mr Lurch’s Things – Commodore 64 Rescue Part 2.2

In part 2.1 of this Commodore Rescue they finally to get to take a closer look at the Commodore 64 power supply aka PSU...

The Retro Channel – Taking A Closer Look At The Keelog Replacement PSU

In their newest episode The Retro Channel takes a look at the new replacement power supplies by Keelog company. They make replacement PSU's for...

The LEEC – Making A C64 Power Supply… For Political Reasons?

The LEEC is building a new C64 PSU for political reasons.... "So in this video about the construction of a Commodore 64 power supply, I...

Mindflare Retro – Building a C64Saver – Part 1

This video from Mindflare Retro is Part 1 of a how-to guide for building your own C64Saver (Commodore 64 overvoltage protection device). This video...

Doktor64 – 1541 Floppy Power Connector Repair & SMPS Mod

In this episode Doktor64 repairs a PSU in a old 1541 floppy disk drive. The video covers the following procedures. How to repair a...

Doktor64 Shows You How To Build a DIY Power Supply

In his latest video Doktor64 demonstrates how to design and build your own C64 replacement power supply (PSU) for under $25. It's definitely worth...