Tag: Recapping

GadgetUK164 – Commodore Amiga A1200 Recapping

In this episode GadgetUK164 performs a recapping and a simple repair to his Amiga 1200.

Jan Beta – Amiga 600 Black Screen Repair

In the latest Jan Beta video we find him troubleshooting a Commodore Amiga 600 with a black screen error. Along with the repair he...

Ovesen Commodore 64C Repair

In this video Ovesen repairs a Commodore 64C computer. Upon first inspection it appears out to be ok, however it's missing one key on...

Ovesen – Amiga 500 Restoration

In the latest Ovesen video he restores his old Commodore Amiga 500 computer. The video demonstrats the cleaning process, some repair and replacement of...
Amiga 500 Recapping & Gotek Installation

Ovesen.net Performs Amiga 500 Recapping And Gotek Installation

In their latest episode Ovesen.net cleans and recaps an Amiga 500 computer and then installs a GOTEK floppy drive emulator with a floppy drive...

Jan Beta Amiga 2000 Power Supply Recapping

Jan Beta has filmed a tutorial on re-capping of his Amiga 2000 power supply. Jan reports finding the following capacitors Amiga 2000 PSU and that...

Jan Beta’s Amiga 2000 Battery Leakage Repair and Recapping

Jan Beta reports that after searching for several years he's finally found an Amiga 2000 computer that he's happy with. In this video he...