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Hey Birt! – Truth About Retrobrite – Busting The Myths With Science

In this edition of the Hey Birt! vlog they break down and discuss the myths and controversy caused by the retrobrighting process, with science....

BBCCM – Building A C64 CD (Compact Disc) Game Adaptor

In this video the Bread Box Commodore Computer Museum walks us through the process of building your own CD Player Adapter for the Commodore...

BWACK – C64 KU Motherboard Replica – Part 3 of 4

This is part 3 of 4 of the KU Motherboard project series from BWACK. In this video they bring the C64 KU Motherboard to...

BWACK – C64 KU Motherboard Replica – Part 2 of 4

BWACK continues his KU Motherboard project with this second entry into the series. In this edition he solders up the replica and original board....

C64 Customs Chameleon Docking Station V2 Review

In this episode of his podcast Daniel reviews the new Chameleon Docking Station V2 for the Turbo Chameleon 64 V2. What's the docking station...
Freeze Machine

Phil Kruman’s Commodore 64 Freeze Machine Review

Phil Kruman takes a look at a C64 cartridge called the Freeze Machine that allows the user to capture almost any game in memory...

Doktor64 Shows You How To Build a DIY Power Supply

In his latest video Doktor64 demonstrates how to design and build your own C64 replacement power supply (PSU) for under $25. It's definitely worth...

How To Clean Commodore Floppy Drive Heads

Steve from Steve's Retro Gaming gives a quick and dirty video on how to clean the drive heads in a 1541, 1541-II and 1571...