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8-Bit Guy – How The Commodore REU’s Work

In his latest video, the 8-Bit Guy goes over how the Commodore REUs for the 64 and 128 work with the Commodore hardware. While it's...

Jan Beta – Commodore 1764 RAM Expansion Restoration & Upgrade

In his latest episode Jan Beta restores a Commodore 1764 RAM Expansion device and then upgrades it from 256K to 512K. Enjoy!

Retro Bits – C64 REU And EasyFlash Demo Showcase

In this episode of Retro Bits they take a look at the Commodore 64 1764 RAM Expansion Unit (REU) and an EasyFlash cartridge. From...

daddlertl3 Nuvie Video From HomeCon 56

Recnetly while attending HomeCon 56 in Hanau, Germany daddlertl3 made a Nuvie Video of his tour through HomeCon 56. The video also includes 2...