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FPGASID (Stereo 6581/8580 Replacement) by andi6510

Xad Nightfall puts the fpgaSID replacement chip through the paces. The first three tunes are 8580/Stereo and the last one is 6581/Mono. 1. Hokuto by Nata...

Commodore 64 SID Chip Connected to an Audio Spectrum Analyzer

Bad Dog Designs is back at it. This time around they have connected a Commodore 64 to a very steampunk 18 channel Nixie Tube...
Cynthcart 1.2.4

Cynthcart 1.2.4 Now Available

Paul Slocum has been hard at work creating more tools for musicians to generate music with old-school hardware, and his latest creation is the Cynthcart for...
Sidblaster-USB TicTac Rev. 1.2

Sidblaster-USB TicTac Rev. 1.2 released

The Sidblaster-USB TicTac Rev. 1.2 is available. All Files are updated at GitHub. SIDBlaster-USB TicTac Edition at GitHub Improvements: Red TX / RX LED New experimental jumper...
Ben & Anthony, Team Ninja

Ben Daglish (July 1966 – October 2018)

Outside of being either a hardcore fan or digital composer the name Ben Daglish may not be a name you're familiar with, however if...
Tidbits Logo Negative 7

Havok’s Commodore Tidbits 8/13/2018

Welcome back to the Tidbits everyone! We're running a couple of days late this edition as I've been dealing with a summer cold that...