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Jan Beta Upgrades His SixtyClone C64

In this episode Jan Beta tests and updates various components on his SixtyClone C64 build from 2020. Upgrades include the SaRuMan-64 static RAM, a...

Retrobits – COMPUTE!’s Music System and the Stereo SID Player for Commodore 64

In their latest episode, Retrobits takes a look at SidPlayer, COMPUTE!’s Music System software for the C64. Europe and the United Kingdom had .SID...

Adrians Digital Basement Loves ARMSID

Adrians Digital Basement has discovered the ARMSID and has nothing but praise for the C64 SID replacment. In this episode Adrian compares the ARMSID...

MEGA64 Podcast – MEGA65 DevKit: SID (1 out of 4) In Action

The MEGA65 comes with 4 integrated FPGA SID chips. In this episode of the MEGA65 Podcast is a demonstration of how each of them...

SIDKick Emulates Two SID Chips And A Yamaha Sound Expander Simultaneously

SIDKick is a drop-in replacement for the SID sound chips used in C64s and C128s based on a Teensy 4.1. It is able to...

Jan Beta Builds A Replica SixtyClone C64 Computer

In this episode Jan Beta builds a clone Commodore 64 with a SixtyClone replica PCB and as many new parts as possible.

Jan Beta – Building A New Commodore 64 in 2020

Based on one of the now available replica PCBs, Jan sets out to build his own 2020 version of the Commodore 64 with as...

New ARMSID Firmware v2.11

Digifix in MOS8580 emulation is now configurable. It can be set to few levels including inverse polarities. Digifix is now controlled by external...