If you’re not already aware of it the Tapuino-Reloaded is a Commodore 64 tape drive emulator for the Commodore C64, Vic 20, C16 / Plus 4 and even PET computer that’s been avialable for a couple of years now. There are a number of reviews out there however I just came across a new one today by Retro Recollections and figured I’d post some information about this cool accessory.

The current version of the card is produced by Edu Arana and is based off the original work of Peter Edwards. The Tapuino Reloaded is currently available as version 0.4 from Arananet RetroProducts and AmigaStore.eu. I’m sure some other vendors have it as well.

In addition you can build your own if you desire. Here is Edu Arana’s GitHub repository with all the information to build it yourself. The files for the original Tapuino project by Peter Edwards are also avaialable is his GitHub repository callled sweetlilmre.


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