The C64 Comic Book Reader, SlipStream


The StripStream project is a software-only retro computer project from Jan Derogee for the Commodore 64 that allows you to read comic books from cassette tape on a Commodore 64. The StripStream editor program runs on a stock C64 PAL system in combination with a datasette. The StripStream editing program is a PC program because it allows you to easily string together hundreds of images, B&W only with a maximum resolution of 304×96 pixels, and add a subtitle to each image with support for up to two different languages. The editor is a free download from Jan’s website.

If you don’t have a Commodore 64, you can still use StripStream by opening the .TAP file with an emulator like VICE.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.


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