The Computer Chronicles Commodore 64 Episode from 1988


I stumbled across this Computer Chronicles video on Youtube about the Commodore 64 that was made in 1988. At this point the C64 had already peaked and was on the decline, but there was still a lot going on for it at this point. Here’s the description of the episode.

The Commodore 64 was the first computer for many families. This program looks at what you can do with the famous C-64. Demonstrations include The Wine Steward, Skate or Die, Strike Fleet, the Koala Pad, Master Composer, Tetris, and Berkeley Software’s GEOS. Includes a visit to a Commodore Owners Users Group meeting and an interview with Max Toy, president of Commodore. Originally broadcast in 1988. Copyright 1988 Stewart Cheifet Productions.

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