To celebrate the 100th release from Psytronik Software the team behind the multi-award-winning release Rocky Memphis: The Legend Of Atlantis are BACK with a stunning new arcade adventure for the C64.

Journey to the rain-swept village of Hawksmill to investigate the mysterious disappearance of it’s inhabitants. Uncover ancient secrets and mysteries foretold in the necronomicon as you travel through the mysterious town. Featuring an exciting mix of puzzle solving, adventuring and shooting this is set to be yet another unmissable release from the ICON 64 team!

THE SHADOW OVER HAWKSMILL will be released on C64 tape, disk, cartridge and digital download early in 2020.

Hawksmill logo


Strange things have been happening in the small town of Hawksmill, located in the North East of England. The entire population vanished overnight! You suspect dark forces may be responsible having spent many years studying the pages of the great tome of all things evil – the necromonicon. Could this event be what was foretold in the dark and ancient manuscripts? You are determined to find out what is responsible for the Shadow Over Hawksmill.


· Over 60 screens to explore
· Detailed graphics & animation
· Atmospheric music
· Aimable weaponry
· Cunning traps and puzzles to solve
· Lots of objects to collect and use
· Intro & end sequences
· SD2IEC compatible
· PAL and NTSC compatible
· TheC64 Mini & Maxi compatible


Coding by Stuart Collier
Game Design & Graphics by Trevor Storey
Music by Saul Cross
Packaging Artwork by Trevor Storey

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