The Shadows Of Sergoth Announced By Double Sided Games


Double Sided Games has announced a new RPG dungeon crawler called The Shadows Of Sergoth for the Amiga 500 with 1MB of RAM. It is based on the 2018 Amstrad CPC 6128 game by Christophe Petit & Kukulcan. The game is due to be released in the second quarter of 2020.

Shadows of Sergoth Serpent


      • Rules are freely based on Microlite20, which is an extreme simplification of the Advanced Dungeon & Dragons.
      • 3 difficulty levels
      • 24 spells to learn
      • Character can level up to 20
      • 5 races with different characteristics: human, elf, dwarf, half-Orc and human-lizard
      • Save system
      • Auto-map
      • 16 levels to explore


The game takes place in a medieval fantasy world, in a little kingdom called Chrisandia, in the south of the Marak peninsula. It is not very densely populated and it makes a living from the fishery and the trading with the northern countries. Its actual king, Orlof VI the doughty, is a member of a long dynasty of kings distinguished themselves during the conquests of the era of ashes. During the wars against the evil emperor Sul Rakin, the kingdom demonstrated a great courage despite the losses. The events in the game take place five years after the fall of the emperor, in the year 351 of the era of crystal.

Map of Chrisanoia


      • Ten Chu (graphics)
      • Colin Vella (code)
      • Mike Richmond (music and sound)
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