The uHELD64 sets itself apart from other handheld gaming devices by combining the famed C64 technology from 1982 with modern mobility. Equipped with its original CPU 6510, VIC-II 6569, CIA 6526, SID 6581, and more, the device supports both PAL and NTSC operations.

Alongside the full C64 mini keyboard, it also features added extras such as a headphone jack, an S-Video output and expansion port plus optional joystick ports (DPAD or analog stick). The two versions – classic DPAD and analog PAD – require Commodore-specific chips to be plugged in prior to use (not included: CPU, VIC-II, CIA’s, MMU, and ROMs).

The uHELD64 merges the comfort of a modern mobile experience with reliable THT technology from 1982 – perfect for video game fanatics that demand maximum performance without sacrificing function.

It’s on sale now and delivery takes about 4 weeks.

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