Triple Freedom: C64 SID Replacement With ARMSID And Complete Test


In this episode, the Triple Freedom team demonstrates the process of replacing the original SID chip in a Commodore 64 with an ARMSID, highlighting the compatibility and performance of the replacement.

In the demonstration, the team replaced the original SID with an ARMSID, a modern replacement designed to mimic the original SID’s functionality and sound quality. They begin by running a Dead Test cartridge to verify the ARMSID’s performance. The ARMSID successfully passes all tests, proving to be virtually identical to the original SID in terms of functionality.

The team then compares the audio quality of the ARMSID to the original SID. Notably, the ARMSID produces less background noise, indicating a potential improvement in audio performance. After switching back to the original SID, the machine continues to function properly, reaffirming the ARMSID’s compatibility.

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