The U64 Streamer has been updated to version 1.22.

What can I do with this?

With the new Ultimate 64 firmware (>=1.1c) there is an option to receive video frames & audio over a network connection at 50fps.

You can use this tool to capture those frames into an image or video file.

To record the video/audio stream to a file or internet (twitch, youtube, facebook) stream  you should use OBS.

DownloadU64 Streamer v1.22


v1.22 – 09-04-2020

~ Added FQDN support to start U64 stream, so IP & FQDN addresses are now both accepted
+ video & audio listen port added to settings
~ changed ip/fqdn tester timeout to 500ms
+ Added NTSC support
+ PAL/NTSC auto switcher
~ Changed (capture) image size field to zoom factor in the setting window
+ Added image capture diaglog, option to capture to file, clipboard or both
+ Added CTRL+C to do a quick capture to clipboard
~ Moved FPS / video mode text to statistics window. Changing title bar will prevent OBS form finding right window.
+ Added filedialog to open PRG or D64 with the stream tool
+ Drag and Drop PRG & D64 images, Drag and drop on video window to mount & run them. To only do a mount of a D64 file, drag and drop while holding CTRL pressed
+ Added U64 Reset command
+ Basic keyboard input. The input will be put into the u64 keyboard buffer, not into the matrix buffer.
So it will work with basic and kernal based prg’s, so it doesn’t work everywhere.
+ Custom colour palette can be defined in the settings window, for the purists.
+ Import and export function to save and share your purist palettes


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