The U64 Streamer has been updated to version 1.25.

v1.25 – 14-07-2021
~ Fixed: Double click on maximized window did not reset window to normal.
~ Fixed: FPS calculation was wrong, fixed it.
~ Fixed: Exception raised when the window is minimized
~ Fixed: Various window position/size, save/restore issues
~ Fixed: some remote function crashed app when u64 is not reachable.
~ Fixed: Menu is not controllable with keys anymore to prevent accidental stop of the stream.
~ Update: .Net Framework 4.6.1 to 4.8
~ Update: Optimized scanline simulation, total new processing
+ Added: Context menu, to open several functions from the output window
+ Added: Multi-frame capture function, capture xx frames to PNG files. Can be used to capture interlaced images
+ Added: Multi Frame Capture viewer, which can be opened from the context menu
+ Added: CRTL+R function to reload the last opened file (via dialog or drag and drop)
+ Added: Ping stats to diag window
+ Added: Handling connection errors, added screens

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