Latest firmware for the U64 version 1.21 – Dated: 2019-06-23

Click here to download

Differences with previous release V1.20

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.5a
  • Fixed UltiSid reset; should zero all registers to silence it
  • Fixed debug register for regression testing
  • Fixed directories that match file type extensions

Firmware for the U64 version 1.20 – Dated: 2019-06-19 Click here to download

Differences with previous release V1.18

  • Based on the Ultimate-II+ firmware Version 3.5
  • Added features:
    • Real time streaming VIC video data over Ethernet
    • Real time streaming audio data over Ethernet
    • Added commands on TCP port to enable/disable these streams
    • Added commands to enable/disable emulated drives, over UCI
    • Added possibility to write to D64 images from the menu (e.g. copy PRG files into it).
    • Added DE00 and DF00 ranges as possible options for SID socket decodes
    • Printer emulation now supports color!
  • Improvements to VIC:
    • Sprite collision timing solved
    • Sprite to background collision problem solved
    • Sprite expansion timing corrected, also in combination with multicolor
    • Sprite retriggering fixed
    • Border color change timing one adjusted by one pixel
    • Various improvements to pass emufuxx0r tests. (incl. 50-pixel wide sprites)
    • Fixed loading sprite data when VIC is read AEC=1
    • Sprite timing fixed for NTSC
  • Improvements to CPU:
    • ANE (B) made to work.
    • Implemented SHA, SHS, SHX, SHY and LAX #imm
    • CPU PIO register floating inputs fixed.
  • Improvements to SID:
    • Improvements to ADSR envelope generator (fixes missing notes in e.g. Hawkeye 2018)
    • More realistic values for SID filter resonance
    • Added volume control for the SID digis
    • LowPass boost in sid mixer.
    • Improved anti-aliasing on resample filter in PAL mode
  • Improvements on SID player
    • Built-in SID player now supports MUS files as well (including stereo tunes)
    • Added support for toggling screen on/off in Sidplayer with S key.
    • Added support for song length in SID header.
    • Fixed correct SID model selection for SIDFX boards
    • Various other bug fixes
  • Other machine fixes:
    • U64 speaker volume fix.
  • Other bug fixes
    • Another bug in the network stack that caused stack corruption and random crash
    • Copying a file from a container now restores extension
    • Fixed issue of copying file from .t64 files
    • Added ‘Enter’ option for .t64 files
    • User Interface improvements / fixes
    • Fixed telnet connection – removing header upon connect (fixes random copy actions)
    • Changed default hostname to match target

Thanks to:

  • David Horrocks for very useful input about VIC sprite handling and custom test programs
  • Rene Garcia for this addition of color to the printer emulation
  • Wilfred Bos for his improvements to the SID (and now MUS) player
  • Scott Hutter for added UCI commands
  • Martijn Wieland for his U64_Streamer PC application
  • Chris Verheijen for his critical ear on UltiSID.
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