The UpCart Plus is a new release from Thomas Christoph. The UpCart Plus is a cartridge elbow for the Commodore 64’s cartridge port allowing your cartridge to plug-in upright. Here’s the full description below.

The UpCart Plus is a new addition to the UpCart family of products that now includes an integrated reset button.  The signal path to the vertical cartridge connector is still unchanged from the original UpCart.  The “plus” is the addition of the integrated reset switch.

UpCart Plus is a cartridge direction changer.  It converts the connection direction of any cartridge plugged into your machine from horizontal to vertical.  Besides making the cartridge more conveniently accessible, it is ideal for deploying your favorite Commodore computer on today’s modern desks (which are far shallower than the desks from the 80’s).  This allows for an extremely compact deployment, keeping the cartridge tight against the back of your machine.

The UpCart Plus was designed with the most sensitive cartridges in mind (including the Turbo Chameleon 64 V1, V2 and the 1541 Ultimate II+) and has already been tested with the following cartridges (If there’s a cartridge you’d like tested, let me know):

Turbo Chameleon V1
Turbo Chameleon V2
1541 Ultimate
1541 Ultimate II
1541 Ultimate II+
Action Replay
Nordic Replay
Freeze Frame
Super Snapshot
EPYX Fastload

The UpCart Plus comes to you complete and ready to go in a custom COREi64 case (your choice of color).

The overall design (besides being completely compatible with cartridges of course) is to eliminate stress on your cartridge port, while conveniently turning the cartridge “UP” (like the Atari 600/800XL).  A substantial foot under the case, and finger grips on either side of the UpCart Plus allow you to firmly hold the UpCart Plus in place when removing cartridges.

Please take note that this item is for the UpCart Plus cartridge in a case (as shown) in your choice of 19 colors.  No other equipment or cartridges are included.

Click the link below to order yours.

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