Use A SEGA Gamepad With your Amiga & C64 Via SAmiga


The SAmiga is a DIY adapter, created by Maciej Miklas, is designed to connect a SEGA Gamepad to systems such as Amiga, C64, Atari, and others. You can find the latest version of the adapter on the EasyEDA Project page:

One of the features of SAmiga is its autofire capability with adjustable firing speed. The adapter also includes LED indicators for direction, fire buttons, and the status of the autofire function. It utilizes three switches that allow control over the autofire mode, LED lights, and remapping the jump function from pad to a button.

It’s important to note that samiga’s autofire functionality differs from regular joysticks. Typically, when autofire is enabled on other devices, it will immediately start firing on button 1 or activate once button 1 is pressed. However, samiga requires pressing button 2 after enabling autofire to trigger auto fire on button 1. Button 1 can still be used for single shots or held down for actions like throwing grenades or charging up energy for a powerful shot.

Click the source URL below for more information on how to build your own.

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