Vandalism News #68 MenuIn this issue:

  • Headline news
  • World of Demos
  • Game & Magazine reviews!
  • Interviews with Martin Piper, Dr. TerrorZ, Saul Cross, Rail Slave & Jon Egg.
  • Ben Daglish: honoured and remembered! Ben remix sid inside VN68 intro. Special Ben anecdotes in “Preface” and “Half Man, Half Music” articles!
  • Partyzone: reporting exclusively from X, Datastorm, Gubbdata, Revision, Nordlicht and more! Special guests look back at X2018!
  • Pixel Perfection: Vandalism News 68 titlepicture drawn by Jailbird of Booze Design.
  • The Market: Vandalism News puts upcoming games and newly fondled exotic hardware under the magnifying glass!
  • Up & Coming: Facet of Genesis Project! An insight on his first three months on the C64 scene!
  • 10 exclusive SID tracks inside! Bop your head to Jammer, JCH, Laxity, Zardax & Rock, Hein, Jeroen Tel, NecroPolo, No-XS, Vincenzo and CelticDesign.
  • True to the Scene Legacy: the C64 scene from a philosophical perspective by Bacchus of Fairlight.
  • Great Disk covers + Labels (by Lobo) and funky Directory Art (by SiNK)

Download links are at the bottom of the article.

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