The VS64 extension is a valuable open-source tool developed specifically for Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code.

With this extension, developers can effortlessly build, debug, inspect, and run C64 assembly code directly within the Visual Studio Code environment. It offers seamless integration with popular assemblers such as ACME, compilers like CC65 and LLVM-MOS, and even includes a comprehensive project and build system. Additionally, it features a resource compiler and full support for the task and launch system in Visual Studio Code. This powerful extension streamlines the development process, making it more efficient for programmers to work with C64 assembly code on Visual Studio Code.


  • Supports ACME assembler, KickAssembler, CC65 C-compiler and LLVM-MOS C/C++
  • Meta-build system based on the Ninja build toolkit
  • Integrated project setup and configuration
  • Task and build system integration to vscode
  • Resource compiler for sprites, charsets, tiles, maps, music and binary blobs (SpritePad/Pro, CharPad/Pro, SpriteMate, SID, PCM Wave)
  • Syntax highlighting for ACME assembler files
  • Debugging and launch support for integrated 6502 emulation
  • Debugging and launch support for VICE emulator using the binary monitor protocol
  • Integrated MOS 6502 cpu emulation, support for C64 memory model and startup behavior
  • Extended introspection for 6502 cpu states and C64 custom chips state information and memory contents
  • On-the-fly disassembly of C64 program files

For more information check out the VS64 Github Repository.

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