Curious about WebSID? It’s a SID synthesis-emulating synth for the Commodore 64 that you can play directly in your web browser.

WebSID is the innovative creation of Igor Zinken. Originally a Chrome experiment built on the WebAudio API, WebSID boasts dual keyboards and can be played using your mouse, QWERTY keyboard, or touchscreen if you have one. It’s polyphonic, with chords played on the upper keyboard automatically arpeggiated. Additionally, it features a filter, an envelope, and an echo effect for customization.

This brings the legendary SID synthesis’s gritty, low-fidelity digital sound to your high-fidelity digital devices. Because it runs in a web browser, it’s straightforward to use. The keys are mapped to your keyboard on computers for easy typing-based jamming. On phones or tablets with a compatible browser, you can use touch controls, making it function similarly to an app.

The sound quality is impressive, thanks to the WebAudio API, complete with a filter, envelope controls, and delay effects, plus authentic sound features like properly arpeggiating polyphonic chords. It’s so good that you might find yourself recording your sessions. If you do, we’d love to hear your creations.

Here’s to another decade of WebSID!

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