Welcome to BreadAMP v03


Developer daddlerTL3 has released his latest update of BreadAMP which is  basically “Winamp for your Breadbox”. It uses the REU of the 1541ultimate as a storage device that holds the music data.

The first 2 tracks of the demo file are stereo which only play properly on a stereo C64, the other tracks are mono with different quality settings.

New in this version:

  • Stereo support for C64s with 2 SIDs or FPGASID (second SID must be located at memory locatioin $D500, will be set automatically when using a FPGASID).
  • Long play formats which provide a lower audio quality, but a significantly longer play time (up to 97 minutes and 44 seconds).
  • Automatic configuration when using a FPGASID, which can play all files regardless for which SID they were created.
  • Ability to change the playback order of the tracks.
  • Controls using the joystick(s).
  • Format display which provides informations about the file (SID type, TV system, FPGASID mode).
  • Border, backgound and text colors can be changed.
  • “disco mode” which changes the border and / or background color every second of playback.
  • Enhanced error detection (wrong TV system / machine type, file for FPGASID but no FPGASID installed).
  • Backwards compatibility: the player can also play files for v02.
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