When the Oasis BBS originally ran back in the mid to late 80’s, Bulletin Board Systems were the pinnacle of telecommunication for the common man. There was no REAL Internet, no Facebook, no Snapchat, no Instagram and no blogs. BBS’s like The Oasis and countless others were the precursor to all we take for granted in the digital/ instant world today. People would dial local numbers to connect to a system.  There they could read mail sent to them by other users or the Sysop. There were message bases where people would share ideas and chat. You could download and upload files and course there were online games. Nothing as fancy as today…in fact NONE of it was fancy by today’s standards but it was a vehicle to the future and I, for one, feel honored to have been part of that revolution. So join us here.  Learn some of the history of The Oasis and other BBS’s as we try to preserve a moment in time.

IT/PC Guy, Idea man, Creator/Sysop of The Oasis BBS, Founder of BGB 'The Blue Gill Brewery' and Master Brewer of my Garage :), C64/Color64 Preservationist, Friend of Dogs, Fan of Music Trivia, Gamer (strategy and action), Fisherman, Backyard Astronomer and proud Veteran.
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I ran a C= based BBS in the mid to late 80’s and miss all the fun we had. People then were a lot friendlier than most are now. Yeah, the 80’s were a lot better time to be in. Have fun…

Kirk Out…


It’s so much different now. There was a much bigger sense of community back then. Maybe it was because we were all in tight little groups based on our regions back then.