7-Bit has released the new Wicher 508i turbo card for the Amiga 500 & 500+ computers. It supports 68000 CPUs (using PLCC68 package), up to 11 MB of Fast RAM and IDE 2,5” hard drives. CPU clock speed can be set up to 50 MHz.

The Wicher 508i came into being as a universal solution for users looking for highly-clocked MC68000 for classic Amiga CPUs. (Stable configurations running at 50 MHz have been confirmed when paired with MC68HC000 series chip. Unfortunately, not every unit is capable of performing at this clock speeds over longer periods of time.)
It also provides a necessary interfaces for connecting 2,5” IDE hard drive and I2C bus.


  • AmigaA500/A500+ compatibility (in place of the original CPU),
  • PLCC68-packaged MC68HC000 chip support,
  • recommended chip version: MC68HC000 (not included),
  • supported CPU clock speeds: 7,25,50 MHz,
  • ram memory: 16MB SDRAM (AmigaOS uses 11MB),
  • Amiga A600-compatible IDE controller (required Kickstart >= 2.05 (37.350)),
  • I2C controller,
  • MAPROM function,
  • BootRom function,
  • Kickstart: recommended Kickstart 3.1 or up (required Kickstart >= 2.05 (37.350)),
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