Jani has 2 new updates updates available for his products.

The first update is JaffyDos v1.3 and the second is FB (FileBrowser) v2.0+.

JaffyDOS Version 1.3 – C64 Kernal for SD2IEC

  • Fixed a bug when using FOR in basic direct mode.
  • Free memory shown correctly if cartridge is inserted.
  • Startup-message can be customized with the patcher.
  • Optional SWE/FIN keyboard layout available in patcher.
  • FB adjusted to work with pi1541.
  • Default F-key assignment adjusted to work with pi1541.
    JaffyDOS was initally written for SD2IEC devices but due to many requests I adjusted a few things for pi1541 users. Currently there are some differences in SD2IEC and pi1541 and therefore full functionality can not be guaranteed on a pi1541 device.

JaffyDOS is a custom kernal for the C64/SX64 with enhancements for SD2IEC.
Filebrowser and Kernal modifications by: [email protected]

* Jiffydos protocol and DOS wedge.
* Customizable color scheme.
* Customizable F-Key assignments.
* Startup-message can be customized.
* Built in filebrowser(FB) supporting 590 entries.
* Built in file copier.
* md64/md71/md81 to make a d64/d71/d81 image.
* CRSR moves to beginning of the line when executing F-Key.
* When loading a file, the start- and end address are displayed.

Tape- and RS232 support are not available.

Use the patcher to create JaffyDOS ROM. You must provide an original Jiffydos ROM and be a licensed Jiffydos user to use JaffyDOS in your system. You can purchase Jiffydos from http://store.go4retro.com/

FB (File Browser) v2.0+ for SD2IEC

FB (FileBrowser) v2.0+ is a standalone version of the filebrowser(FB) used in JaffyDOS v1.3, now supporting over 3200 directory entries.

CRSR UP = Up one position.
CRSR DOWN = Down one position.
CRSR LEFT = Up 10 positions.
CRSR RIGHT = Down 10 positions.
F1 = Go to First entry in the list.
F2 = Refresh.
F3 = Go to Last entry in the list.
F7 = Quit.
RETURN = Load & Run / Enter dir / Mount image or swaplist.
INST/DEL = Exit dir / Unmount image.

This is a free download from the FB (FileBrowser) v2.0+ page on World of Jani. 

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