Z64K developer William McCabe has been hard at working updating Z64K and has reached a 2.1.0 release – [Build 20221010.2314]

The following changes have been made since the last update.

10 October

  • Z80 stack pointer set on 0xffff on reset. Fixes a few issues with programs that don’t explicitly configure the stack point on startup

9 September

  • Fix bug with Testbench not starting if it hasn’t been previouslyconfigured

5 September

  • Minor updates to improve catching of filechooser race conditions that very rarely causes null value error that crashes emulator.
  • Machine monitor peeks IO range for C128 when mapped in.
  • Update MMU to behave like majority of tested C128’s where zeropage and stack are both set to the same page.  All mmu tests in VICE test repository pass.
  • Allow mapping in of C128 kernal while in Z80 mode.

17 August

  • Virtual FS scratch command will add .del extension to “deleted” file. When saving new file with same filename as “deleted” file, the “deleted” file will be removed from the host file system.
  • Show read only flag if set when displaying  directory in Virtual FS.
  • Prevent saving of files with invalid host system filename when using Virtual FS.
  • Allow wildcard (* and ?) filters when loading Virtual FS directory.
  • Virtual FS scratch command simulated but does not currently delete any files from host file system.

15 August

  • Select correct drive when loading disk image if Virtual FS is currently selected
  • Disk viewer can be scrolled by mouse wheel.
  • Improved accuracy of clickable disk viewer when scrolled
  • Fix bug when loading file via double clicking disk viewer for device 10 and 11.
  • Double clicking DIR file types in disk viewer will open that directory.
  • Show files in Disk preview for Virtual FS.
  • Adjust calculated file block size s for virtual FS
  • Fix minor bug where Virtual FS CD doesn’t work immediately after reset
  • Allow saving of files with Virtual FS.
  • Virtual FS load”*”,8 will load the last loaded program.  If no programs have previously been loaded, the first program will be loaded.
  • Fix bug with Virtual FS where JiffyDOS protocol could be incorrectly triggered when byte $61 is received directly after a talk request

14 August

  • Current folder selector for Virtual FS available in drive settings.

13 August

  • Fixed wildcard loading of firstfile with Virtual VS
  • Fixed bug that prevented JiffyDOS command @$ from working with Virtual FS
  • Improved Virtual FS JiffyDOS timing.
  • Implement Virtual FS UI command. C128 “warm resets” drive message on error channel.
  • Flash LED when error occurs with Virtual FS
  • Improved reliability of Virtual FS JiffyDOS support.
  • Ordered Virtual FS display of subdirectories and files.

12 August

  • Included Virtual FS CD command
  • Update status of Virtual FS in disk UI
  • Improved Virtual FS error handling

11 August

  • Improved C128 Virtual FS device support
  • Improved Virtual FS device JiffyDOS support
  • load programs with .prg extension without needing to include the .prg in the load command

10 August

  • New Virtual FS device available under drive type settings – Experimental and still a work in progress. Location set to prg path in paths setting.