Z64K developer William McCabe has been hard at work updating Z64K and has reached a 2.1.1 release – [Build 20230326.1051]

The following changes have been made since I last reported in October of 2022.


26 March

  • Set default rendering type via general settings in global settings.

13 March

  • “Randomize” c64 and c128 default color RAM. Sample taken from the uninitialized color RAM block 0on a real C128 at powerup.

12 March

  • Include monitor help text for io command. (text stolen from VICE) 🙂

11 March

  • Improved CRT performance and emulation.

10 March

  • C128 ASCII/DIN selection persists into C64 mode.

7 March

  • Z80 IN/OUT accesses RAM from $d000-$dfff for locations $0000-$1000 only when RAM bank 0 is mapped in.
  • Fixed bug with monitor when banking in ROMusing bank command for c128

4 March

  • Z80 port accesses the same as memory access for undefined IO ranges.
  • Fixed bug that sometimes caused the incorrect RAM bank being relocated with p0/p1 swap
  • FF0x mmu control available using Z80 IN/OUT commands in c128 mode

28 February

  • Video Immediately syncs to new frequency. c128 demo #1 behaves like real hardware.

27 February

  • Color RAM always available in memory locations $1000-$13ff in Z80 c64 mode with memory and port accesses

26 February

  • c128 z80 can access color RAM at locations $d800-$dbff in addition to $1000 to $1400 using port instructions.

25 February

  • Fix bug that would crash the assemble rwhen using indirect JMP
  • Always use color ram bank 1 when in c64 mode

18 February

17 February

  • Remappable zero page and stack page disabled in c64 mode.

16 February

11 February

  • Fixed bug where mouse wheel scrolling could cause the emulator to lock up.

22 January

  • Fixed bug that prevented saving of the second side of d71 disk images.
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