Z64K developer William McCabe has been hard at working updating Z64K.
This is an updated release of v1.2.4 – [Build 20200501.2137]
The following changes have been made:

1 May

  • Removed test code I forgot to remove from MOS 6526 that was causing some disk loaders to fail. Higher Level loader between parts works now.

30 April

  • Fixed timing glitch with Athena when scrolling down screen.
  • Improved shift registertiming so cia-sdr-load.prg in the VICE test repository passes.
  • Fixed a glitch in Frostbite.

28 April 2020 – Version 2 of Z64K available for preview

  • Z64K is getting a facelift! The work involved seems to never end and I don’t know when I’ll be happy to formally release it so I’ve decided to start uploading the progress of the new version of Z64K.  It already has most of the features of the existing released version of Z64K implemented but there is still a lot of work to do before it’s at the stage it can replace it.  It requires JRE8 or better, The link is available here ==>  http://www.z64k.com/resources/version2/Z64K.jar
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