Developer William McCabe has just released v1.2 of Z64K, the pixel exact emulator of the Atari 2600, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, and VIC 20 on April 28th.

April 2019 has been a prolific month for the developer with 10 updates this month alone. Here’s the changelog for the entire month.

28 April

  • Added command line options for soundrate and soundbufsize:-
    • soundrate <value>
      Specify the sound playback sample rate (SoundSampleRate). (8000..192000)
    • soundbufsize <value>
      Specify the size of the audio buffer in milliseconds (25..350).
  • Updated VIC20 VIC noise generator as discuss in VICE feature request #328 6561 noise generator has been reverse engineered
  • Mastervolume control enabled for VIC20 and Atari 2600.

27 April

  • Minor changes to SID player UI behaviour
  • Set minimum size for SID Player window. Expand SID information text area on window resize.

26 April

  • Minor tweaks to sound latency reporting.
  • Major rewrite of Audio plugin.  Options to change sample rate and buffer size available on the General tab of Global settings.

23 April

  • Removed settings box in development that should not have appeared in the File menu.

20 April

  • Fixed bug when manual selection of 2nd SID selection was always setting it to address $d520 no matter what value was selected.  All 2nd SID locations in Super Mario Bros work.
  • Fixed a bug with SP logic that caused VICE test repository cia-int tests to fail.
  • Fixed a bug with the CIA SP output that was bringing the IRQ pin low when byte wassent regardless of the mask value in the IMR.   Thanks Krill for the bug report and pointing me in the right direction to fix this. 🙂

19 April

  • Fixed some of the Fast Serial bugs that were introduced in 5 May 2018 release.  C128 version of JiffyDOS ROMs function correctly again when using1571 and 1581 drives.  

17 April

  • Removed doubling up of 1541 debugging output when using C128 emulation.
  • Include drive CPU state at top of Machine Monitor when debugging device 8:
  • Allow Machine monitor to assemble to device 8.
  • Disassembly window is refreshed when assembled code falls in range of what is displayed in the window.
  • Fixed some Machine monitor debugger output for 1571 when drive is in 2 Mhz mode.
  • When a breakpoint is trigger, correct CPU is shown by default when entering theMachine Monitor.

16 April

  • Fixed bug with cursor in interlaced mode.

15 April

  • Updated VDC interlaced bitmap behaviour when vertical adjust is set to 0.  Thanks Scott Hutter for the test program . 🙂

7 April

  • Fixed bug introduced on 22/11/2018 when SID envelope underflows.  Hang drum sounds much better now.
  • Disabled extra pixel in VDC 40 column bitmap mode
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