Developer William McCabe has been hard at working updating Z64K. Over the month of May 2019 he’s added and fixed a bunch of features. The current release of Z64K is now v1.2.2.

29 May

  • Added Atari 2600 TigerVision cartridge support. (extension .3f)
  • Fixed behaviour of IO range de00-dfff when no cartridge has been inserted on startup.

25 May

  • Minor updates to CRT emulation

24 May

  • Fixed some bugs with VIC 20 serial outthat was causing JiffyDOS to misbehave.

11 May – Major update to Full Screen handling (ALT+ENTER)

  • Fixed some weird behavior when using Java 11 of Windows when toggling full screen mode on setup with 3 monitors.
  • Full screen settings available under General tab of Global Settings.
  • New borderless mode (default full screen method).
  • Multiple monitor support (c128 can have 2 active full screens at the same time)

8 May

  • Added Machine Monitor console history. Use UP/DOWN arrows.
  • Made Machine Monitor console window colorful.

7 May

  • New Machine Monitor console window.

4 May

  • Updated C128 Machine monitor commands rb0 and rb1 to no longer mess with MMU.
    rb0 – debug using memory in RAM bank 0
    rb1 –  debug using memory in RAM bank 1
    system – debug using system view of memory (defaults back to this when exiting monitor)
  • breakpoints for c128 now have 17 bit range.  eg:-
    • bk e000 will set a breakpoint at bank 0 location e000
    • bk 1e000 will set a breakpoint at bank 1 location e000.

2 May

  • Report actual cycles/second executed on slow devices that can’t handle full emulationspeed (e.g. Raspberry Pi).

1 May

  • Added dumping of C128 mmu in machine monitor. io d500
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