Z64K developer William McCabe has been hard at working updating Z64K. With the release of v1.2.3 the following changes have been made:

4 June

  • Reset Cartridge to default bank on when resetting the Atari 2600
  • Fixed some MOS6532 default values on reset of Atari 2600.  Summer Games and Winter Games work now.
  • Removed some glitches during TIA HMOVE .
  • Update to RESMP timing.  Clouds in Snoopy display much better.

3 June

  • Improvements to Atari 2600 MOS6532 timeremulation
  • Added Atari 26001K and 2K bank switching cartridge detection.
  • Fixed some TIA HMOVE behaviour.  Mega bitmapDemo displays correctly again.

2 June

  • Prevent crashing of Atari 2600 when attempting to load unrecognised cartridge size
  • Added CPU status in debugger window for Atari 2600
  • Added 8K Superchip cartridge detection for Atari 2600

1 June

  • Create custom sample rate for Atari 2600 to exactlymatch TIA sample rate.  Removes high pitch sound from Quadrun.
  • Updated Cosmic Ark and Bang! starfield effect to output single/double or no pixel depending on internal TIA clock cycles.
  • Updated quick guide to include Atari 2600 Keyboard options for changing switches.

31 May

  • Atari 2600 – New TIA model which is now much more accurate.  Path in snowfield of Spikes Peak displays at the correct position.
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