Z64K developer William McCabe has been hard at working updating Z64K. With the release of v1.2.4 the following changes have been made:

25 September

  • Fixed bug with drop and drag functionality.
  • C128 emulation recognises .c128 files

15 June

  • Update of character base address should be applied immediately (VDC register 28, confirmed with VDC split test program). Re-enabled Character Vertical Size(VDC register 23). VDC 101 100% supported now. ūüôā
  • Improved latching of VDC char base address.¬† Almost there… Artifacts between logo and scroller of VDC101 no longer appear. Still need to fix smooth x scrolling for logo and remove artifacts above logo.

14 June

  • Fixed a bug with character vertical size.¬† VDC101 logo imageshows correctly in demo linked in next dot point.
  • Fixed a bug with VDC register 6.¬† Still not perfect yet but a huge improvement running¬†VDC101
  • Resetting c128 also resets d030 test bit.

13 June

  • Fixed bug in Pitfall II wherefirst and last column of pixels displayed incorrectly that was reintroduced in a recent update.
  • Added 64K EF cartridge support for Atari 2600
  • Fixed bug that didn’t set correct bank selection registers for ROMS with 3 x 4K ROMS.¬† Updated RAM size detection code for SC to detect variable RAM sizes.¬† FA (RAM Plus) cartridges work now.

12 June

  • Fixed colour priority of TIA playfield in score mode.
  • Allow loading of .a26 file extension.
  • Fix minor bug with TIA RESP timing. 32 text demo show correct spacing for all rows now.
  • Slightly improved¬† TIA NUSIZ register behaviour when updatedduring draw

11 June

  • Adjusted behaviour of TIA NUSIZ when registerupdated close to drawing of pixels. Fixes jitter in Meltdown.

10 June

  • Fixed correct Palette selection for Atari 2600 PAL/NTSC.
  • Added most of the Thumb mode ARM commands for DPC+ cartridge.
  • Attempting to load a weird size Atari Cartridge no longer crashes the emulator.
  • Fixed bug with DCP+ function 2.¬† Gizzle Snow, Pac-man Eat-Run, and The Quest display correctly now.
  • Fixed ARM BCS instruction
  • Added some ARM support for Atari 2600 DPC+ cartridge.¬† Frantic Freddy is playable now.

8 June

  • Added Atari 2600 DPC+ cartridge support

7 June

  • Slightly adjust Atari 2600 crystal clock speed to be 3.579575 MHz
  • Added Atari 2600 Spectravideo Compumate support

6 June

  • Fixed graphics in first and last pixel column in Pitfall II
  • Atari 2600 Pitfall II support.

5 June

  • Updates to TIA RESP timing during draw.¬† 32 char demo now has correct spacing.
  • Updates to TIA RESMP timing.¬† Snoopy clouds and landscape display much better.
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