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Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Retrogaming Times 18

Retrogaming Times #18 Released

The latest issue of the bi-monthly Retrogaming Times has been released. This editions feature article "More C64! - Marvel Licenses on the C64" details all...

FPGASID (Stereo 6581/8580 Replacement) by andi6510

Xad Nightfall puts the fpgaSID replacement chip through the paces. The first three tunes are 8580/Stereo and the last one is 6581/Mono. 1. Hokuto by Nata...

C256 Foenix Project – Jan 1st, 2019 UPDATE

Finally a video update and below I've added the content from Stefany latest newsletter update. Audio CODEC, SDCARD Controller, Bitmap Graphics The Holidays have been very...
The Final Cartridge III+

The Shareware PLUS Final Cartridge III+ Released

The Shareware PLUS C64/C128 team has released their new Final Cartridge III+ Per their latest update: Commodore 64 The Final Cartridge III+ Loaded with Utilities &...

Creating Disk Images From Real Floppy Disks

In this podcast update Daniel explains how to make disk images for his PI1541 from real floppy disks using the following tools: Maverick Tool Collection ...
TheC64 Mini

TheC64 Mini Firmware v1.2.0 Now Available

It's the end of 2018 and one more final update for TheC64 Mini has arrived. Version 1.2.0 – Changes Adds a complete new game...
Kilobyte Magazine 2018 #3

Kilobyte Magazine 2018 #3 Now Avaialble

The latest edition of Kilobyte Magazine has been released. Kilobyte is a magazine that focuses on 8bit computers from the 70's and 80's and...
CCGMS 2019

CCGMS 2019 Released!

Alwyz has just released CCGMS 2019 for the C64.  Here's the note from his website. CCGMS 2019 Xmodem-CRC added SuperCPU Support added Easyflash Config load/save added Now handles drive...

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