Adrian Black’s C64 Repairathon Part 1

Inspired by Jan Beta's C16 repair videos Adrian Black has decided to have his own Commodore 64 repairathon! This is part 1 of a...

Dumping the Action Replay 6 Cartridge

This video shows the C=64 Cartridge Dumper making a copy of Action Replay 6, which Luigi then converts to CRT and runs in VICE's...
Kipper2k C64MX Keyboard

Here Comes The Kipper2K C64MX Keyboard

Just announced on is the new C64 replacement keyboard by Kipper2K called the C64MX Keyboard. The new keyboard will support multiple keycap sets and...

CityXen’s Relay Tracker for the C64

This is a demo of CityXen's Relay Tracker for the Commodore 64. Note: This is a work in progress and the schematic for the relay...
VirtualC64 big banner

VirtualC64 Emulator for Mac Updated to v3.3

Popular C64 emulator for the mac, VirtualC64, has been updated to version 3.3. The following updates have been recorded in the v3.3 changelog: Preferences All emulator...

C=64 Cartridge Dumper Dumping Robocop 2

In the latest video update Luigi Di Fraia demonstrates his C=64 Cartridge Dumper using a copy of the Ocean game Robocop 2 on VICE.
Vintage Computer Festival Logo

Vintage Computer Festival West 2019

The Vintage Computer Festival West 2019 is just a couple of weeksaway. The event is August 3-4 at the Computer History Museum in Mountain...
Hi65 Home Screen

Hi65 Emulator Updated to v6.1 **UPDATED**

Since there were no notes about this release I reached out to Devil Master about this update and he reported the following: Nothing in the...