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Your Favorite Commodore Games?

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About 5 years ago, shortly after relaunching the BBS and launching this website, Desert-Fox and I each wrote articles on our 'All Time Top 10 C64 Games'. You can find DF's Top 10 here and my own Top 10 by clicking here

These are the games that bring back the fondest memories or are still to this day your GO-TO games when you turn on the Commodore 64. 

Since I've made the list I've found a few more games that I could add to it, in fact, I would probably be better off making a second all-time listing. For example, one that stands out for me is the Berzerk arcade game conversation that came out earlier this year.

I'm just curious to see what everyone is playing in 2022. Are you playing old games or are you playing new ones? What's your favorite genre? Let us know below!



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Always a fan of the sports games and these two I remember fondly.

Summer Games... hated the running events with the joystick digging into the palm of my hand, but kicked butt at the diving.

summer games 04

Winter Games... A lot of different events and my favorite event was the Hot Dog.

wintergames 1 616x436


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