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Which modern C64 accessory can't you do without?

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I was just thinking about this whole retro thing we're all tied up in these days. Here we are in the latter half of 2022 and we're back on our tried and true 40-year-old Commodore 64s. 

Over the last 5-6 years since bringing the BBS back online, setting up the website, and all that sort I can't help but think of all the cool accessories that have come out for the C64 and what a convenience many of them are. 

My go-to more than any other would have to be the Ultimate-II+. Without a shadow of a doubt for me, it's the swiss army knife of Commodore 64 accessories. It provides full-cycle emulation of all the Commodore disk drives. It has an ethernet port that goes up to 100 Mbps. Built in SID player. Cartridge Emulation for virtually any .CRT file. It's REU compatible with size optionally from 128k to 16mb. The list just goes on and on... All nicely tucked into a single package.

That's my favorite accessory for the C64. What's yours?


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I completely agree on the Ultimate-II+ for all the same reasons. Amazing everything that it can do.

A very close send for me is the SD2IEC.  I have a few of them from TFW8B. When used with a JiffyDOS equipped computer it's extremely fast.  It can read just about any Commodore disk image file. The swap file makes it very easy when playing multi-disk games. But what makes it most convenient is that it can also be used with standard directories and sub-directories for raw storage.  Find myself all the time downloading a file or three on the PC, copy it over to a directory on an SD card, pop it in, and a pull it right up. File doesn't have to exist in a disk image. 


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I am going to go a different route here and say my Easy Flash 3 With the capability of housing 8 different Kernal OSs, 5 different Cart freezers and up to 7 of your favorite games.

Also I use my WRITE NOW! cart for doing some word processing on the C64.

And I round it out with a cart I picked up that is pretty useful. It's SHAREDATA's Utility Cartridge. It has all of these functions available:

Disk Status                     Auto number /renumber

Blockread/write               Copy/Restore/Format Disk

Delete lines                     Show Free Memory

Get Directory                   Show Load Address

Print SEQ Files                 Text Editor

Un-new                           Print Screen

Send DOS cmd                 new wedge#

New Drive/Wedge#          New Border Color

New Screen Color            ? Command menu

/ Load Program               @ Load ML program

(up arrow) load&run        : Load SEQ file

;Save SEQ File

It does a lot.