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Commodore Los Angeles Super Show 2020

25apr(apr 25)11:00 am26(apr 26)5:00 pmCommodore Los Angeles Super Show 2020POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Commodore Los Angeles Super Show

Event Details

After discussion with the booking person of Toolbox LA and in light of the ever-moving dates of Covid-19 closings in the area, I am postponing the Commodore Los Angeles Super Show 2020 which was scheduled to be on April 25-26. I appreciate that Toolbox LA is willing to change the contract that I signed, and other dates later in the year have been offered. I will discuss this with members of the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network and get their input. Then a new weekend will be chosen.

Thank you for your patience and understanding in this.

Robert Bernardo
organizer – Commodore Los Angeles Super Show

The Commodore Los Angeles Super Show (CLASS) is supported by the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network and the Fresno Commodore User Group.

CLASS v2.0
the Commodore Los Angeles Super Show!

Saturday, April 25, 2020: 11am to 5pm
Sunday, April 26, 2020: 11am to 5pm

at Toolbox LA CoWorking Space
9410 Owensmouth Ave, Chatsworth, California

  • Meet other Commodore and Amiga enthusiasts.
  • See demos and presentations on and about the Commodore 128, Commodore 64, Plus/4, DTV, VIC-20, PET, and Amiga.
  • Come and present your own Commodore and Amiga projects.
  • And of course, be in the center of Los Angeles activities!

CLASS Presentations & Guests

Roger Van Pelt and CAD 3-D
Roger has a presentation on this early classic program, CAD 3-D from IHT Software. Though not as sophisticated as the German Giga-CAD, CAD 3-D has its own charms!

Doug Compton of the 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast
Doug visits the show for the first time with “lots of 8 bit and Amiga stuff to show!”

Marc Rifkin
Commodore Business Machines veteran and Scala developer Marc returns to CLASS and wants to show off Scala and DPaint tricks!

Evie Salomon and the BackBit cartridge
Evie “evietron” Salomon graces CLASS with her presence, and you can question her about her C64/128/VIC-20 BackBit cartridge. See

Robert Bernardo
Robert will be on hand to show off his eternal enthusiasm for the Commodore line as well as relate his globe-trotting experiences for Commodore and Star Trek fandom.

CLASS Exhibits

Amiga 3000
The A3000 being exhibited has a 68040 25 MHz. CPU, OS 3.1, and ZorRAM which ups the Fast RAM another 256K!. A3000 courtesy of Robert Bernardo (Photo of Richard G.’s A3000)

Amiga 1200
This accelerated A1200 sports an accelerator, plenty of Fast RAM, and OS 3.1. A1200 courtesy of Marc Rifkin

Meet A.L.I.C.E.
Up for display is the new A.L.I.C.E. (A Laptop Incorporating a Classic Experience) laptop which runs AmiKit X and Amiga OS 4.1 Final Edition, update 1. See the unboxing here:

Amiga 1000
The one that began the Amiga series of computers! The A1000 has a Kickstart 2.04 ROM, OS 2.1, 512K of Chip RAM, and 1.5 meg of Slow RAM. A1000 courtesy of Mario Luppi

Amiga 500
This Amiga 500 has a v6 motherboard with OS 3.1, switchable to OS 1.3, extra Chip RAM, and extra, external disk drive. A500 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Amiga 600
Here is a modestly-upgraded A600 with OS 3.1, 2 meg of Chip RAM, and a 2 gig CF hard drive. A600 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Amiga 2000
A big-box computer, this A2000 has a hard drive with OS 3.1, 2 megs of Fast RAM, and other app goodness! A2000 courtesy of Mario Luppi

Amiga CD32
This is the last product to come out of Commodore Business Machines. The CD32 was advertised as the first 32-bit game console. CD32 courtesy of Matt Brewster

This FPGA box carries a number of emulations, including Commodore and Amiga! MiST courtesy of Marc Rifkin

Before the C64, the VIC-20 was the multi-million seller. This one comes with a Behr-Bonz multi-cart of games. VIC-20 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Ultimate 64
The Ultimate 64 is a new motherboard which recreates the Commodore 64, the computer which put CBM on the map! This U64 comes in a new Kickstarter C64C case and has a MechBoard64 with its Cherry Blue microswitches. U64 courtesy of the late Bogdan Macri of the Southern California Commodore & Amiga Network

Commodore 64C
This beauty comes courtesy of Mario Luppi

CBM’s attempt to market a transportable computer. Released in 1984 but essentially gone by 1985, the computer was a wonder with its color monitor and relatively light weight (25 pounds!). SX-64 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

This Plus/4 is upgraded with the Lotharek 6502 CPU board. Plus/4 courtesy of Robert Bernardo

Commodore 128DCR
The updated version of the flat C128, this DCR will come with a CMD RAMLink v1 and a SD2IEC card drive. C128DCR courtesy of Mario Luppi

Ray Carlsen Power Supplies
Check out the various Ray Carlsen power supplies powering the Commodores 8-bit and desktop Amigas computers, including a new, custom p.s. that can run a C64/C128/VIC-20CR at the same time as a C16 along with two 1541-II/1581 disk drives OR run an Amiga 500/600/1200!

Shift-Clr/Home: More 8-Bit Thoughts In A GigaBit World
Page through this latest book from Fresno Commodore User Group newsletter editor, Lenard Roach!

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Fresno Commodore User Group

The Fresno Commodore User Group is a club whose members share an interest in Commodore computers. We meet at 11:00 a.m., the third Sunday of the month, at Panera Bread, 3590 West Shaw at Marty in Fresno (NE corner) (click here for map). The meetings generally include demonstrations, discussion, and individual help. Time and location are subject to change; please send Email to confirm specific dates.
Robert Bernado [email protected]

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