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The Retro Channel: Commodore 1571 / 128D Frankenstein

In this episode of The Retro Channel, host Mark addresses issues with the internal 1571 disk drive and corroded traces on the Commodore 128D...

RavenWolf Retro Tech: Pimpin A Commodore 128D With Massive Upgrades To Test His RPG

In this episode of the RavenWolf Retro Tech series, the host upgrades a Commodore 128D-CR with equipment from the Stone Collection to test their...

C64 1541 Speed Test Updated

For those of you who like to work on your own equipment. Developer Piergiorgio Zambrini aka Zibri has updated his 1541 Speed Test software...

Retrobits: Commodore 64 On MiSTer FPGA ith real disk drives!

In this episode, Retrobits takes a deep dive into the features of the C64 core on a MiSTer FPGA with SNAC2IEC build and testing....
CMD HD-40 Hard Drive

The CMD Hard Drive And COLOR 64 BBS

The CMD hard drive and COLOR 64 are a winning Combo! Your system will run smoothly and efficiently if you take the time to...
C128 DCR U36 Expansion ROM

Commodore C128 DCR Integral Diagnostic ROM v1.0

Designed by Commodore for the metal Cased Commodore 128D, the Diagnostic ROM simply plugs into the empty U36 Socket. When you need it you...

8-Bit Guy – Commodore History Part 7 – Disk Drives

8-Bit Guy has just posted another edition of his Commodore History series and this update covers many of the Commodore disk drives by both...

How To Clean Commodore Floppy Drive Heads

Steve from Steve's Retro Gaming gives a quick and dirty video on how to clean the drive heads in a 1541, 1541-II and 1571...