Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Nu-Brick 64 v2

The New Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply

It's been several years since Kevin launched the original Nu-Brick 64 Power Supply and now he's back with an updated version. The first thing you...

CRG – Commodore 64C Repair Part 2

This is part 2 and final video in this Commodore 64C's repair. In this episode CRG finishes up the Commodore 64C machine he bought...

Ovesen Commodore 64C Repair

In this video Ovesen repairs a Commodore 64C computer. Upon first inspection it appears out to be ok, however it's missing one key on...

Modified Commodore 64C Dual 8580 SID Build For Mssiah And Kerberos

This is a customized Commodore 64C that's been turned into a synthesizer. The builder, Sjofel, has installed a sid2sid board, 7" screen, potentiometer upgrade...
Commodore 64 Four Player Adapter

Commodore 64 Four Player Adapter Now Available

Hardware developer has recently announced a new C64 Four Player Adapter for the Commodore 64. I've added their full description below (and corrected some...

‘Hey Birt!’ Case Saver Update

This edition of Hey Birt! is an update to the previous Case Saver episode from about a month ago. In this update new cases...
Commodore Multimedia Breakout v2

Commodore Multimedia Breakout V2 for C64

Hardware developer has just announced their updated Commodore Multimedia Breakout extension Version 2. It supports all versions of the C64 and the Ultimate64...

Jan Beta Future Proofing Commodore 64C Patreon Winner

Jan Beta future proofs a Commodore 64C for the winner of the recent C64 repair draw he did with his Patreon followers. This is...