Retrogaming Times #33

Retrogaming Times #33 – July 2021 – Released

The latest edition of the Retrogaming Times has arrived and as always there’s a section for games on the old Commodore 64. The feature in...

Install A Reset Switch On Your EPYX Fast Load Cartridge

Steve from Steve's Retro Gaming shows us all how to install a Reset Switch on the Epyx Fast Load cartridge. Parts: Red Push Button Switch

The History of Epyx, Kings of the Commodore 64

Cody Seymour of Viewist has produced a video history of seminal Commodore 64 games developer Epyx. If you're interested in learning more, after the video...

Exploring Epyx Fast Load for the Commodore 64

8-Bit Show And Tell has a new video out exploring the inner workings of Epyx's classis Fast Load cartridge. This video covers the other...
Desert-Fox Top 10 Hero Graphic

Desert-Fox’s All Time Top Ten C64 Games List

Havok and I were talking recently about our favorite games on the Commodore 64. We decided to publish our individual all time Top 10...
Tidbits Logo Negative 5

Havok’s Commodore Tidbits 7/28/2018

I've been on the road this week so the news is later than expected. We have a lot to cover in this edition so...